SupDucks is a new NFT platform that consists of a large number of unique assets and collectible components. There are encrypted tokens on the site that work on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, and this is what makes it easy to verify their ownership. The NFT SupDucks platform includes a collection of 10,000 duck-shaped avatars with bright and colorful designs. And thanks to their attractiveness, the average 7-day sales amounted to $5.87 million.

What is the SupDucks platform?

SupDucks NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique duck heads, hand-drawn, avatar-style. Many projects draw and take inspiration from cryptopunks, and this is what has recently led to a sharp increase in the performance of the NFT market, and the SupDucks platform is no exception.

But the main difference and uniqueness of Sup Dask tokens from the assets of other NFT platforms is that they are all individual, they were drawn by hand. And this means that all avatars are different from each other, it is impossible to find the same tokens on the site. Each duck head has a unique set of artistic characteristics that make it a rarity.

The collection includes many rare features, which have about 16 different backgrounds, 18 skins, 38 clothing options, 38 types of headgear, hats, 27 mouths and 27 eyes. And also in the collection there are ten super ducks.

Short story

The SupDucks project was developed by a team of 5 people. The platform was founded not so long ago – on July 16, 2021. The main founder is the Latin American crypto artist Frankie Aguilar.But there is little information about the rest of the participants and team members.

Artists use special digital tools to create duck avatars. And the Soup Dask project team drew these features and tools by hand. And for this they used special programs:

  • Apple Pencils;
  • Procreate;
  • iPad.

And thanks to them, we managed to teach bright, colorful and attractive avatars of ducks. And the artistic look made the NFT SupDucks project popular, and in a short period of existence, it was able to fall in love with users from all over the world.

Average cost of tokens

When reviewing SupDucks, it is worth examining the value of the tokens. Initially, the 10,000 SoupDuks were minted on a website and can be easily purchased from secondary NFT markets such as OpenSea.

At the time of launch, the cost of SupDuks ranged from 0.1 to 0.7 ETH. Currently, the price of tokens has risen to 0.21 ETH. Tokens with rare features can sell for hundreds of ETH.

During the first week after the launch, the price of the supduk was $950. Currently, NFT SupDuck is priced at $1,186. But the most expensive is the SupDuck 0 token, it was sold for 236 thousand dollars.

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