Cryptocurrency demand is currently very high, and this is due to the fact that it is possible to invest in it profitably and make good profits. They can carry out various operations with digital currency. Special attention should be paid to the packaging of NFT Doge Pound. It is found for tokens that were developed on the basis of a popular meme in the form of a Shiba dog breed – an inu.

General information

Like many other digital assets that carry the Doge name, the Doge Pound platform is an NFT. And on it, the participants gave priority to the world world meme – the dog of the Shiba breed – the Inu. On this occasion, all parts of the NFT platform have images of dogs of all breeds and sizes, also including those that have not been seen before.
Doge Pound is a growing NFT project based on the Ethereum (ETH) platform. Consists of 10 thousand rare paintings that depict drawings called “dogs”. The official website of the project is
The platform recently launched a project called Doge Pound Puppies. This is a collection of 10,000 units of art power, and only the owners of NFT The Doge Pound got it.
NFT is virtual or digital art. And for him, the use of uniqueness is important. As for the Doge Pound project, its developers are hard at work on art. They include exceptional drawings of dogs and each of the 10,000 NFTs is developed with great attention to detail.
And each NFT element is unique in different aspects, including body, size, breeds, eyes, fur.Secondary features are also taken into account – clothes and other accessories. They are based on algorithms, they change and correct the main properties, increasing the number of features. All this makes it possible to distinguish each element with detection.

Cost and development

The main advantage of the Doge Pound project is that NFT and Doge holders can make good profits. the price increase for NFT is 0.069 ETH, but now it is much higher. It is also expected that the demand for NFTs will be delivered among dog lovers as well as people who are interested in the welfare of dogs. All this will increase demand and attract in the next period.
The Doge Pound project intends to establish a long-term relationship with the study of other and in-demand partnerships. Not so long ago, the frequency of distribution of the contract with Dogecoin Unishiba was discovered, but also with other equally well-known digital assets.
The popular NFT project Doge Pound can be bought on Open.Sea and other trading platforms. And for the acquisition, and after the storage of NFT, a joint cryptocurrency wallet is inevitable. Purchase also requires ETH tokens

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