NFT platforms are only gaining momentum, but they are already opening up great prospects for their users. They provide many opportunities both in terms of earning, and in terms of realizing their goals and gaining experience. NFTs are especially attractive for novice artists, because they provide an opportunity to express themselves and make good money.

Features of the Crypto Punks platform

NFT technologies have a huge impact on all areas of our lives, because they make it possible to digitize interaction with various virtual and physical goods. Previously, almost all blockchain services used fungible tokens, but not all assets are equal. This is how the NFT technology appeared, which allows you to tokenize anything. This significantly increases the value of the product, it becomes more convenient for them to interact:

  • sell;
  • buy;
  • own.

Crypto Pank is a platform that is the brainchild of New York-based Larva Labs. Initially, the project was experimental, but as a result, it became a key one in the popularization of crypto-art. Collectible pieces such as crypto punks have skyrocketed in popularity and inspired crypto artists. They also influenced the development of the ERC-721 token standard for digital collectibles.
A Cryptopunks token contains metadata related to its position in a single image. The authenticity of cryptopunks is determined by hashing the image and comparing it with the image in the token contract.Now they are one of the most popular collections, their number reaches 10 thousand units.

Areas of implementation of NFT

NFT works in many areas and changes them for the better. So, for example, games only benefit from the introduction of NFT, because they have a huge number of non-interchangeable items. The best projects are large-scale crypto games, such as cyberpunk nft. In it, each crypto punk is unique, created by hand. The nft cyberpunk collection includes randomized items that have different rarities.
In addition, NFT is already actively used in the field of art, collecting, and the virtual universe. This is the main blockchain trend in 2021. Technology is revolutionizing every area of ​​our lives. This is a unique digital object with great potential.
Cryptopunks are currently considered the most expensive NFTs, and if previously drawn pictures in Digital Art format were not of particular value, now the rarest copies are sold for millions of dollars. The future belongs to new technologies, prestigious and profitable!

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